Hard Core Hoop Camp

Ed Fairley
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Spend Your Summer Wisely
Hard Core Hoops Camp

As the name implies, this camp is “Hard”: We train the body and the mind.
“Core” determines capacity and supports all vital functions.

“Hoops”: Basketball is the game we play, but our focus is on what represents success. Getting the ball through the hoop. Blocking. Rebounding. Stealing. Nailing the clutch free throw.

“Camp” is the place you live, at least temporarily. But being at camp requires you to be a part of the whole experience, and often people say we are roughing it. Meaning the conditions are not easy, but in most cases the experience is fun.

The Hard Core Hoops Camp will be both hard and fun, especially for those who like working hard, growing and making progress.

The lessons the players learn at camp will transcend basketball and may be applied to every area of life.

What you can expect: skill development, conditioning, training of the mind, training of the body, pushing beyond limits, increased basketball IQ, increased physical ability increased mental capacity to handle challenges.